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Hey there, I'm Jessie Wong, registered dietitian with years of experience helping people find relief and freedom from IBS.

I graduated with a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Indiana University and was trained on the FODMAP Diet at Monash University.

I’m the creator of the IBS Freedom Program and, having experienced IBS in our family, I understand the daily struggles of living with IBS and the frustration that comes when no one seems to have the answers.

After years of studying and working with hundreds of IBS clients, I have developed a step-by-step approach to finding symptom relief and freedom from IBS.

The IBS Freedom Approach is easy-to-follow, proven for IBS relief, and accessible anywhere around the world.

I can’t wait to welcome you into the IBS Freedom Community!

Jessie xx
Monash University FODMAP Certified Dietitian

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Our life used to be completely on hold because of our gut issues when my husband and I were suffering from IBS for over 10 years. We went to doctors, took all the tests, and tried many expensive supplements. Nothing worked.

My husband had to take time off work frequently, couldn't help with our young children, and it took a huge toll on our marriage 💔

"It's just IBS" was the answer we kept getting from doctors without any solid recommendation on what to actually do to find relief from the many painful symptoms that come with “just IBS”.

But then, finally, a new gastroenterologist recommended we try a Low FODMAP diet.

⁠ My husband’s bloating and pain improved on the diet, but his symptoms never went away fully, and he’d still have intense flare-ups that would prevent him from going to work or keep us from making plans and traveling.

The Low FODMAP Diet being the only thing that brought any relief at all, we thought FODMAP was the trigger and what we needed to avoid at all costs. But the relief we felt came with costs of its own: My husband became so afraid of food, and my once-perfect gut eventually turned sour.

During my second pregnancy, I started having constipation. Pregnancy-induced IBS is real, and I was devastated 😖

As a Registered Dietitian, I decided to see what I could figure out myself about what was causing my and my husband’s symptoms and trained with Monash University’s FODMAP and IBS Training for Dietitians.

Realizing Low FODMAP is not something to stick with long-term, we started healing our gut properly and re-introducing foods to our diet one by one.

In no time, we narrowed down the problem and liberated ourselves.⁠

We got to eat more food - and feel better than ever. Our gut healed - and now we can tolerate all the foods we love.

We’re eating a wide variety of food and learned that, for us, sleep and stress were even bigger triggers for our symptoms than food.

Now we eat whatever we want, travel whenever we like, and spend quality time with our children, not worrying about gut symptoms or the stress of missed workdays.

We’re both happier, more present for our children and each other, and enjoying the foods and activities we love again!

This is what I want for you, too, and why I created the IBS Freedom Program. Because IBS is REAL and the impact it has on your life can be huge.

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IBS Freedom has helped countless women permanently lose weight by instilling freedom around food and making healthy eating effortless.

 "I struggled with constipation, bloating after every meal and lack of appetite. I felt so self conscious about my stomach almost always looking larger than it is due to such frequent bloating. I just felt awful some days and couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause.

"“Through Jessie’s course and her extremely attentive and kind personality I gained so much knowledge into how to manage my symptoms the right way, as well as how to pinpoint the specific cause of my symptoms when I have a bad flare up. I feel so much more prepared now to manage and determine the reasons for any flare ups I have, and it’s such a relief to know I have those tools when needed!


For anyone suffering from IBS or any unknown gut issues that doctors can’t seem to pinpoint, I highly recommend Jessie and her very in-depth course! The course is packed full of helpful lifestyle and food information to aid in resolving symptoms and living a healthy life in general. Jessie listens to your specific needs/symptoms and is like a private eye when it comes to investigating the root issue.” -Mikayla

 “Prior to working with Jessie I had constant bloat, gas, pain and constipation. Jessie taught me a ton about nutrition and the importance of hydration and eating the rainbow and to watch for my symptoms and then make changes accordingly to help navigate any possible issues. She was also very attentive to my needs and concerns and always there to mentally guide me through the process with her.


Jessie really helped change my life and make me feel in control again. She took my symptoms from a 10 to almost a 1 in a matter of weeks of working with her. I am now able to live a mostly normal life and keep my IBS symptoms at bay and she’s to thank ! She truly cares about her clients and puts a lot of work into her program and it shows!” -Laura

 “After more than 2 years of on/off diarrhea and not support from my GI I decided it was time to reach out for a professional on IBS as these symptoms were taking over my life and I was feeling isolated all the time, terrified of leave my house and that a flare of diarrhea could happen at any moment. I tried another dietitian but I was under a lot of supplements and something just didn’t feel right I always believe that if food is making you “sick” then food is going to make you feel better under the right supervision and support of someone well trained.

Im so glad I found Jessie on Instagram of all places as I was looking for low fodmap recipes, I removed all the enzymes and extra “natural” supplements. I started following the program and it was life changing for me and my whole family as I was getting more confident and overall better I started enjoying my life again.

As a mom of 2 young children the way Jessie approach the program is genius and very well done as you can only focus to one thing at a time as well as her support alone guiding you every step of the way is priceless. I just wished I would have found her sooner.


Just do it! Save yourself the pain of countless doctors appointments that only make you feel unheard and alone, save your money from “miracle cures” and just take your health seriously and put yourself in expert hands. It is expensive, yes but it’s so worth it and you won’t regret doing it when you don’t have to worry about your symptoms anymore.” -Liliana

“Before meeting Jessie I was really suffering with my digestion to the point that I was afraid of leaving the house to go for a walk. I was under a huge amount of stress and all I thought about was good and what I could/couldn’t eat. After working with Jessie for just a month my symptoms improved SO drastically that even my husband started to notice how my overall daily mood had changed.” -Jessica

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