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“I had been diagnosed with IBS-C but even with laxative use was bloated and gassy and had bad stomach pain that would also extend to my back. The pain was so bad there were periods where I would wake up every night in pain. I also went through tons of different laxative medications that were expensive and made me very urgent to go.

Jessie helped me get off lactulose, a medication that upset my stomach. Once I got off that medication and onto Miralax, I could separate good from bad weeks with bloating and pain. From there she helped me through testing food intolerance. We eventually found out I am very sensitive to gluten and need to stay gluten free to feel ok. She helped me not to be bloated for the first time in over two years since diagnosis and to actually feel ok.

I definitely recommend working with Jessie and the group program. She reviewed my poop and food I ate weekly and was able to notice patterns that my GI doctor would miss because I saw her so much more frequently. She is also very kind and really wants to find what is upsetting you and get you feeling better. She was able to find what was causing me so much discomfort (in my case gluten) and I feel better than I have in over 2 years. She really changed my life for the better and I am forever grateful for her!”


"Working with Jessie was one of the best decisions I ever made! I have struggled with endless health and digestion issues for years - I’ve seen so many doctors and also tried numerous protocols, supplements and elimination diets but nothing ever fixed the root issue consistently long term.

When you first meet Jessie you will know immediately that you are in good hands. Jessie is so knowledgeable about all things digestion related (IBS and beyond!) and incredibly thorough in looking at all the details holistically to customize the best individual plan for you. It was every change both big and small (analyzing/modifying diet, movement, stress relief, lifestyle changes, etc.) under her guidance that made all the difference!

Her program is easy to comprehend, sustainable, and I loved that there is no guesswork – everything is clear cut for you to know very quickly what is working and what isn’t. By the end of our sessions I saw a huge improvement in being regular, having significantly less bloating and starting to have more energy for the first time in years! Thank you for everything, Jessie!"

Fayaaz P

"Jessie is thoughtful and considered in her approach to helping others work through their IBS and gut issues.

Her vast credible knowledge and experience is really put to use in separating the often complex and entwined gut symptoms, steadily narrowing down to the root cause of one’s issue.

Quite simply, the level of care and attention provided by Jessie won’t be found in other often unaccredited health and gut health influencers, and from your typical medical doctor.

Suffering from persistent methane SIBO, Jessie helped me get out of a bad cycle of symptoms and flare-ups. There’s a lot more work to be done, but with the knowledge gained from the module and one-on-one discussions with Jessie I feel well equipped to take on whatever is next! "


“I had struggled for years with constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and pain. I would not say I had "tried everything" or even lots of things, but my symptoms were escalating. I had been a regular exerciser and generally made healthy food choices, and just couldn't understand why I was struggling with GI symptoms.

I am so grateful you put this course together! I learned so much about anatomy, physiology, hydration, nutrition, and honoring my physical, mental, and emotional needs.

I now know my triggers and how to avoid issues or manage them if they arise. And the best part - I didn't identify any FODMAP triggers! Rest, hydration, fiber and joyful movement keep me where I need to be. It's an amazing feeling! Thank you! "


"I was initially diagnosed with IBS in June 2020. After many GI visits, working with a nutritionist, and acupuncture my symptoms slightly improved, but I was not 100%. I continued to push my GI for more tests. I underwent a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and more blood tests and everything came back normal. However, I did test positive for the celiac gene and I was still experiencing irregular bowel movements and bloating. I knew it was more than IBS! But no one told me to stop eating gluten since my blood tests and endoscopy looked normal. I’m happy something inside me said “keep digging for the root cause, Jen.” I then found Jessie on IG! I started working with her in March 2022 after being so frustrated with my care to date. I showed Jessie my photo journal of my food intake, bowel movements, and symptoms + all my lab results for the past two years. She looked at one photo and immediately had me try a gluten challenge. And sure enough all my symptoms came back! The bloat, fatigue, change in bowel movement, etc… Why didn’t my GI or nutritionist catch this? You can have a gluten intolerance but not have celiac! I took Jessie’s advice and removed gluten from my life and I have been feeling so much better! 🙏

Jessie has given me confidence that by making minor tweaks to my diet I can feel good again! In addition, knowing what to do if I get “glutened,” which will happen because we live in such a gluten-centric culture has been the most helpful! I have tools! I feel educated and empowered to get my life back! Jessie helped me figure out my triggers/root cause and since I’ve been symptom free for the most part and I’m having some of best bowel movements I’ve ever had! Thank you, Jessie!

Jessie, I can’t thank you enough for supporting and educating me these past three months! Sitting with you every week reviewing my journals has been life changing. I’ve never been this in tune with my body! And if it wasn’t for you I would have continued to eat gluten and feel awful. I know figuring out your triggers is key and you helped me do just that! I am now walking way feeling more empowered that I can truly improve my gut health and live a relatively normal life. Moreover, you introduced me to Tayler, who has been a lifesaver in helping me understand how to live a gluten free life and stay safe! Thank you, thank you! "


"I was suffering from severe stomach pain due to bloating and constipation. I did not realize I was “backed up” to that existent. I had grown accustomed to twice weekly bowel movements. I had used a laxative to get things moving but I was still experiencing the severe stomach pain. I did not want continue with the stimulant laxative and stool softeners typically did not help my situation. In hindsight, I know understand I was losing my appetite because I was severely constipated. I was tired for no reason. Jessie hopped on a chat and developed a plan of action for me. In a couple days, my symptoms improved dramatically.

Jessie asked a series questions regarding my traditional eating habits and investigated more about the pain I was experiencing.

I was afraid to eat what I had stocked in my pantry because that is what led to the bloat in my mind. We used items I already had at home and helped to select foods that would not further exacerbate the problem.

I knew I needed to eat but was extremely fearful. She help me put together some meal ideas to get through the next few days. The plan was sensible and incorporated products I already had in my pantry.

My recommendation is to trust the process. Most of all trust your body. "


“Before working with Jessie, I was dealing with a lot of digestive issues, that weren’t just affecting my physical health, but my mental health as well. I had a LOT of stomach pain, as well as diarrhea and constipation.

Worst of all, I was hopeless.

I have been to many doctors and some naturopaths as well. All of them have either put me on a restrictive diet or just told me that I would have to live with this pain. I felt hopeless and very overwhelmed. It made me dread the future because the pain and symptoms were just getting worse as time went on.

When I started working with Jessie, I started to have hope that I would not have to live my life like this forever. We worked to quickly resolve my constipation which I learned was causing the majority of my issues.

Her program gave me many tools to not just help alleviate the pain I was feeling but also to solve the root issue. Most importantly, I felt like Jessie was very much on my team. I felt like she was an advocate for me.

For example, she helped me get the proper testing I needed from my doctor that helped lead me toward getting a proper diagnosis. More than anything, Jessie genuinely cares. It’s very obvious how passionate she is about helping others who deal with awful digestive symptoms. She gets it. I’m very grateful for all the tools she gave me to help overcome this. ”


“I have long struggled with constipation and other IBS symptoms like bloating, gas, and pain. I have been using Miralax to manage constipation for years. I had never tried elimination beyond reducing dairy due to lactose intolerance. I had a particularly bad bout of constipation and was in a place where it felt like everything I ate caused problems before I started to work with Jessie.

I have learned so much from Jessie! I was very nervous at first, as I had never done an elimination protocol before.

She has helped me understand what FODMAPs are, and how they can affect my gut. I had never really paid close attention to my fiber intake, but now I do, as Jessie has outlined easy ways to increase fiber! I have also learned about some mind/body actions I can take to help with symptoms when they arise.

I never would have attempted the low-FODMAP without help, and Jessie was a wonderful cheerleader, guiding us all through the steps, answering questions, and helping manage expectations and nerves when re-introduction started.

While I did have some flares and reactions to some of the food groups, I understood how to manage these times better and know my limits.

I was very hesitant to spend this kind of money on myself and my health, but I'm glad I did.”

Patricia V

"After a number of visits to my GI doctor, I still was not getting much, if any, symptom relief for my gut pain and discomfort. I was having stomach pain everyday and every evening, also having headaches everyday. My bowel movements were spastic and irregular and I have very little energy.

My GI suggested a FODMAP diet, but would not offer any help with it other than suggesting we check it out on the internet. We did just that and were more confused than ever by how complicated this diet seemed. We decided we needed a dietitian to help us and happened upon Jessie Wong at Joy Nutrition.

I took an immediate liking to her. After a week or two, I realized that I was feeling so much better. I am happier with myself. I look forward to charting my food intake and am more aware of food choices.

Jessie has a very positive and upbeat personality, her suggestions are doable I appreciate the menus. Her menu ideas were quick and simple and as a bonus, tasted great. It made it so easy we didn't have to be continuously searching for what to eat. I would recommend Jessie unconditionally. "


“I struggled with constipation, bloating after every meal and lack of appetite. I felt so self conscious about my stomach almost always looking larger than it is due to such frequent bloating. I just felt awful some days and couldn’t pinpoint the exact cause.

Through Jessie’s course and her extremely attentive and kind personality I gained so much knowledge into how to manage my symptoms the right way, as well as how to pinpoint the specific cause of my symptoms when I have a bad flare up. I feel so much more prepared now to manage and determine the reasons for any flare ups I have, and it’s such a relief to know I have those tools when needed!

For anyone suffering from IBS or any unknown gut issues that doctors can’t seem to pinpoint, I highly recommend Jessie and her very in-depth course! The course is packed full of helpful lifestyle and food information to aid in resolving symptoms and living a healthy life in general. Jessie listens to your specific needs/symptoms and is like a private eye when it comes to investigating the root issue. "


Symptoms before Jessie were: unexplainable diarrhea for 4 months, sudden and significant and unwanted weight loss.

Jessie helped me and my primary care doctor properly identify my condition and encouraged me to pursue treatment with my primary care doctor and GI, which was a turning point for my health for the positive. Jessies program's supported me throughout the whole process, as well her experience and insights were invaluable while I was working with my primary care doctor.

Jessie's program to help establish my gut health baseline, and then slowly reintroduce foods has been a brilliant process. I am now eating healthier than ever, and enjoying food more than ever, my appetite is strong, my digestion and elimination more regular. I feel more mindful in every way about types of food, proper portions, digestion, appetite, and elimination. Thank you Jessie, you are a life saver!


“I went through a very confusing and depressing times not knowing what to do with the aggravating symptoms I was having. My local health care provider didn’t really help much unfortunately as they’re not experienced in IBS patients, to a point I was ignored.

My main issue was constipation. I just couldn’t get my head around why i was constipated even though i was eating very healthy. My work life and social life really got affected from this. My psychology deteriorated as I started to struggle with pain and physical changes such as bloating which made me really upset and depressed.

First of all the whole process was so clear and Jessie was so professional but also so down to earth and understanding through whole stages. She prepared her course very logically. it’s was a very easy-to-follow process. It was very beneficial in terms of researches and information provided as well as the recommendations and guidance it gave. You could see the changes straight away even if it was little changes. This gave me hope of course.”


Symptoms: bloating, excessive gas, abdominal pain and cramping, constipation.

Challenges: fearing food, fearing traveling, not knowing cause/triggers of symptoms.

Highly recommend Jessie’s service. I have been to naturopaths, gastroenterologists, GPs, other dietitians and spent money on lots of different supplements with nil effect and have felt disheartened and lost at what to do.

Jessie listened, reassured and cared and would work and continue to suggest ideas and have a plan in place for me to try between every time we caught up. Her program was very educational and helped me have a better understanding of IBS and how to better manage it.

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